Yosuke ODA

Yosuke ODA
Yosuke ODA
Date of Birth:
April 4, 1980
Ito, Wakayama

Kodo Blog: Yosuke ODA


Yosuke Oda entered the Kodo Apprentice Centre in 1999 and became a Kodo member in 2003. A featured Miyake soloist since his early days with Kodo, Oda has gone on to take center stage in iconic pieces such as O-daiko and Yatai-bayashi. He made his directorial debut in 2012, and has recently shown a flair for composing, creating taiko and dance pieces as well as music and lyrics. In 2013 & 2015, Oda portrayed the role of Susano’o in the “Amaterasu” performances, and his powerful drum solo is featured in the climax of Kodo’s latest One Earth Tour production, “Chaos.”

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