About the Kodo Apprentice Centre

The Kodo Apprentice System was launched in 1985, its one-year development programme specifically designed to train young people aspiring to join Kodo on stage. In 1997, the curriculum expanded into a two-year course that accepted a larger variety of candidates. In addition to those training to become Kodo performers, the programme also welcomed students with a wider range of ages and goals, all of whom wanted to train with Kodo, and to develop new skills that they could utilize in their communities.

The most recent change to the programme came last year in 2014, when the Kodo Apprentice Centre began offering two separate courses: the "Kodo Apprentice Course," which trains Kodo performer hopefuls, and the “Community Development Course,” which helps socially-minded individuals to develop their skills to activate local communities on Sado Island and further afield.

The Kodo Cultural Foundation has gained immeasurable insight through its years operating the Kodo Apprentice Centre, and plans to extend this wealth of knowledge further by offering the new Community Development Course. After a successful trial year in 2014, this new course will be officially launched in April 2015.

Our goal is to provide a place for people to discover their full potential as they train to earn a place on the Kodo stage. We also aim to build a hub for people who want to create positive changes in local communities. This hub will provide a place to gather, develop skills, and gain strength to carry out one’s vision from a grass-roots level.

Are you ready to unleash your hidden potential? If so, then let Sado Island’s natural setting and culturally rich environment be your classroom.

*Advanced Japanese skills are required to participate in both courses, but further information about the “Community Development Course,” including its application method, is only available in Japanese. Please see our Japanese website for details: http://www.kodo.or.jp/inquiry/apprentice_ja.html

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